Wall-Street Media Co. acquired Wall-Street.com in October of 2011, and has completely redesigned the website to deliver the premier financial center for information. This acquisition took a further step to recognizing exceptional microcap companies and adding a vast wealth of information in all areas of the financial industry including microcap stocks, global economy and world markets, currency and precious metals, research, charts and graphs, licensing and education for financial services representatives, conferences and expos, and more. This has been done by bringing in new capital.

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Welcome to IR 101

Investor Relations 101 is the "classroom" to learn about Investor Relations. We offer comprehensive information for the people that are considering becoming Investor Relations Mentor. We have a vast amount of articles related to IR including but not limited to Personal Image, Teleconferences, Strategy among Others. Even those who are masters in Investor Relations can learn a thing or two.

The site is designed to be a premier learning center for the financial professional delivering a vast wealth of information in all areas of the investor relations industry. In partnership with Wall Street Media Co. and the co sponsor site, Wall-Street.Com, we can now offer an unsurpassed internet gathering place as an electronic publication providing information on select topics regarding investor relations, world news, stock quotes, indexes, and many more topics featured on Wall Street University and our Wall Street Web Directory.

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